Experience the transformative power of the timeless Lord’s Prayer through our creative, theologically-rich, and no-prep curriculum.


📖 Breakdown of the Curriculum 

Our six-session curriculum starts with an overview of the Lord's Prayer and then goes verse-by-verse through the prayer. Each session takes an in-depth look at each phrase of the Lord's Prayer, connects it to other stories found in scripture, and connects it to the daily lives of children and those participating. 

To view the full Scope & Sequence and learn more about the curriculum, click here.

Session 1: The Lord's Prayer We will look at the entire prayer. 

Session 2: Praying to Whom? “Our loving God, who is in heaven, hallowed be your name.”

Session 3: Praying for What? “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Session 4: Praying for Today. “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Session 5: Praying for You, Me, Us, We. “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

Session 6: Praying When it is Difficult. “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

A Note on Inclusive Language & the Lord's Prayer

Jesus’ choice to begin the prayer with “Father” was impactful. It was meant to remind listeners how loving God is and how God always reaches out to care for them as all loving parents would. It was also a political statement that challenged loyalties — either with a loving God or a government that pushed people down. That is why we chose to begin the prayer with “Our loving God.”  

In a way, it knocks us off balance, challenges us from getting stuck in thinking about God in a limited way (specifically, God as male), and cares for people who have been deeply hurt by their fathers. It also reminds us to consider the many names and attributes we know God by and gives us a chance to discuss them.  

We know some churches choose to stick with their traditional language of the Lord’s Prayer. Our digital coloring poster sets include additional illustrations so you can choose between “Our Father” and “Our loving God” and between “debts,” “sins,” and “trespasses.”

This resource also includes: 

  • TAKE-HOME PAGES to further the experience at home.
  • AN APPENDIX filled with children’s book recommendations and modern-day stories about justice happening today to continue the conversation and expand any of the sessions.
  • INTERACTIVE COLORING PAGES that invite participants to add their artistic take. Our Lord's Prayer Curriculum Coloring Posters are sold separately.

“This curriculum is a must have for any ministry looking for a way to teach the Lord’s Prayer.”


Flexible + No-Prep + Six Sessions + Appendix full of resources makes for unlimited possibilities!

While our no-prep, flexible curriculum is geared toward children ages K-5, The Lord’s Prayer: An Illustrated Curriculum is also a dynamic resource for any age. 

Some churches have used our curricula for intergenerational summer Sunday School programs, foundational materials for Vacation Bible Schools, sermon series based on the Bible texts in the curriculum, lessons to fit their schedules, and more. 

With a little time and use of our appendix, The Lord’s Prayer: An Illustrated Curriculum can quickly transform into materials for a retreat setting, foundational materials for Vacation Bible School, or expand into twelve sessions.

Don't forget about your coloring posters! 👇

🖍️ Curriculum Coloring Posters

To enhance your experience and learning of the Lord’s Prayer, be sure to purchase our hand-drawn Lord’s Prayer Curriculum Coloring Posters that are fully integrated into the flow of this curriculum.

The first three posters create a beautiful hand-lettered illustration of the Lord’s Prayer. 

They are divided into three 2’ x 3’ posters, which gives you the flexibility to use or omit the doxology portion of the prayer, depending on your church’s practice. 

These posters will be perfect for coloring and framing to decorate an area of your church.

The other three posters are interactive coloring posters that directly connect with the curriculum. They are divided into three 3' x 2' posters. The posters are interactive, designed to be communal, and draw children and participants into the session through creative prompts. Children are invited to add their expression and ideas to create the final look of the posters as they move through the sessions (see creative examples below).

Additional Lord's Prayer products

We're excited for you to experience our Lord's Prayer curriculum & coloring posters. But if you're looking for even more ways to allow your community to experience the Lord's Prayer - check out the additional products below from Illustrated Ministry.

Interactive coloring posters to go along with the curriculum.

A prayer booklet to help learn the Lord's Prayer.

Colorful & fun sticker sheets for the Lord's Prayer.

Lord's Prayer coloring posters; interactive curriculum posters not included.

Lord's Prayer coloring pages; interactive curriculum pages not included.


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