Over 600 churches have used the curriculum and coloring posters.  

We created An Illustrated Earth for churches looking for an engaging, creative and meaningful sunday school curriculum. And we wanted it to be easy and manageable for your staff and volunteers. I'm guessing you don't have time to be making multiple trips to craft stores just to make sure you have everything you need for this Sunday's classes. And many curriculums feel too overwhelming for volunteers and c'mon...we ALL want to make things easy for our amazing volunteers, right?

An Illustrated Earth requires MINIMAL supplies and little to NO-PREP to get ready for Sunday morning.

This flexible curriculum is geared toward children from preschool to older elementary grades. However, we know many churches who have used the curriculum with children and adults for an intergenerational class or program.

SEE? We told you it's flexible.

Children will explore twelve biblical stories celebrating God's amazing creation.

Children begin with an opening activity to get them moving that also connects with the biblical story. Then they hear the story and do a few activities to help them remember it. We provide discussion questions that are meant to have the children wonder about the story, instead of just focusing on whether they remember or learn the "facts" of the story. Many churches choose to have the children discuss the questions while they are coloring the coloring pages included in the curriculum or the coloring posters (which can be purchased separately). The twelve stories are grouped into three separate modules: Module 1 - Water Stories, Module 2 - Plant and Food Stories and Module 3 - Animal Stories.


Week 1: Genesis 1:6–10: Separation of the Water

Week 2: Exodus 14:15–31: Parting of the Red Sea

Week 3: Matthew 3:13–17: Baptism of Jesus

Week 4: Mark 4:35–41: Calming of the Storm


Week 1: Exodus 16: Manna and Quail 

Week 2: Mark 6:31–44: Feeding of the 5,000 

Week 3: Leviticus 25:1–7: The Sabbatical Year 

Week 4: Mark 4:1–9: Parable of the Sower


Week 1: Genesis 1:20–25: Creation of Animals 

Week 2: Numbers 22:22–35: Balaam and the Lord’s Messenger 

Week 3: Jonah: Jonah and the Big Fish 

Week 4: Luke 15:1–7: Parable of the Lost Sheep

We think you'll love An Illustrated Earth! But don't take our word for it. Over 600 churches around the country have already been using it and it's TRANSFORMED their children's ministries and communities.

"Thank you so much for your curriculum, An Illustrated Earth! The simplicity of the curriculum is refreshing. It also allows us to spend less money on Sunday School supplies, since all you need is a printer, not a large trip to the craft store for pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glue. An Illustrated Earth has worked great for our younger elementary classrooms, and we just tweak some of the questions for our older classrooms so they have a practical application for them as well. 

"I truly hope your style and philosophy helps to calm the other curriculum makers, who seem to be all about entertaining children and pushing products. The theology of Illustrated Ministry is solid, the openness to wonder about the mystery of God is there, and what better way to work out your wrestling with who God is in your life than through coloring and conversation with children. Thank you again so much for the way you’ve helped us reach our children in new ways."

Becca Bateman


Want to see what the curriculum looks like? Need to print off a sample to show your children's ministry committee? Click below to download a full sample lesson.


"Illustrated Ministry has been a wonderful tool not only for our children's ministry but for our entire community. This summer we decided to use An Illustrated Earth as a church-wide curriculum, with children and adults studying the same stories each week, and even allowing adults to color the intricate coloring sheets in church (you can see a few photos below). 

"It has sparked great conversations in families, and it's been amazing to watch such beautiful art being created. Church can sometimes become a very left-brained experience in our culture, and its been fun to watch our people respond to having both sides of their brains stimulated. It's been a great summer, and we're grateful to the Illustrated Ministry team for making that possible!"

C.J. Stephens


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Nancy Holly


"We purchased An Illustrated Earth for our summer Sunday school at Winnetka Presbyterian Church. This came at such an opportune time for me as I was moving into the role of Director of Children’s Ministry and unsure of what to do with our summer Sunday school this year. It’s been so amazing to work with. We bought the Curriculum Bundle along with the Illustrated Summer materials, which we are also using faithfully each Sunday!

"When the children first enter our Sunday school time together they have been sitting in worship for about 25 minutes. Having an “active” gathering activity at the beginning of class has been a positive addition to our class time. It really helps them settle into the lesson. The fact that the gathering activity connects with the lesson is a bonus! The scripture lesson is put forth in a simple manner for the children to understand and the Illustrated Story Cards reinforce the message. Using the story cards gives us an opportunity for the older children to engage with the younger children. The optional script has been great and the children enjoy reciting and acting out the lines. And we have now learned we have several thespians in our midst!

"Your curriculum is super engaging, very teacher-friendly, and a perfect fit for our needs. It’s so ideal that we hope to carry on with the model into the fall. It’s very thoughtfully put together and helps us, as teachers, provide our children with a wonderful way of sharing God’s word! Thank you for offering such a great product."

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Jessica Lewis


"The Illustrated Earth coloring posters and curriculum bundle are fantastic! The children loved coloring the posters, and we plan to hang them in our church nursery and youth suite because they have become so loved (and they are equally just as beautiful)! We framed many of them, and you can see some of the photos below.

"As opposed to some other curriculum out in the market, we especially loved the versatility of An Illustrated Earth. We were able to graze over the main stories for our VBS program this summer, and the kids loved it! But we are also planning on using it during our fall programming, and we plan to dig deeper into the stories and lessons. Thanks again to Illustrated Ministry for a curriculum we loved, that also gave us some beautiful artwork to hang in our church!"

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your Illustrated Earth curriculum. I work for an interfaith earth care non-profit (Faith in Place). I reach out to houses of worship in Illinois to help them green up their facilities and educate their members about energy and climate change, sustainable food and land use, water preservation and advocacy. 

"I'm also a former elementary school teacher, pastor's wife, and children's ministry volunteer. Your curriculum helps build the basic understanding in our young people that we should be stewards of creation and that this is a simple way to show love of God and neighbor

Thank you for creating a curriculum that I can suggest to churches interested in diving into creation care. It becomes a whole-church goal when children and youth are included, not just something the adults study and then set on a shelf. So thank you for the work your team did in creating An Illustrated Earth: Celebrating God's Creation."

Christina Krost


Not 100% sure this curriculum is right for your church? Want to check out our theology and see what the lessons look like? Click below to download a full sample lesson.

Our curriculum is digital and available to download immediately upon purchase. Our large coloring posters usually ship within a couple days of your order from Chicago, Illinois via UPS.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back in touch with you very soon.

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Churches from more than 40 denominations (many of which are listed below) have used our resources with their congregations. We are thrilled to be able to provide ecumenical and far-reaching products that can be enjoyed by so many around the world.