The simplicity of the curriculum is refreshing. The theology of Illustrated Ministry is solid, the openness to wonder about the mystery of God is there, and what better way to work out your wrestling with who God is in your life than through coloring and conversation with children. Thank you again so much for the way you’ve helped us reach our children in new ways.

Becca BatemanAssociate Pastor for Family Ministries
San Marino Community Church, San Marino, CA

The Beatitudes: An Illustrated Curriculum

The Beatitudes: An Illustrated Curriculum is an intergenerational 12-session verse-by-verse study of the Beatitudes from the Gospel of Matthew. It is incredibly flexible, adaptable, and formative for your entire Sunday school program and the whole family. This curriculum was specifically designed to be led virtually.


The Lord's Prayer: An Illustrated Curriculum

The Lord's Prayer: An Illustrated Curriculum is a flexible six-session, low-stress curriculum on the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew. This verse-by-verse study is also suitable for mixed-age groups and intergenerational settings. Each component is an invitation to experience this popular prayer through art, reflection, and discussion.

“I was skeptical about whether a virtual and at-home summer experience for families could be as impactful as Vacation Bible School, but Compassion Camp has proved to be every bit as significant in the faith development of the children in our congregation as anything we’ve done. During my virtual conversations with kids along the way, I began to see them connecting their faith with what’s happening in the world. Compassion Camp is amazing!”

Rebecca GuzmanDirector of Spiritual Formation
South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

Compassion Camp

Compassion Camp can be used virtually, in a hybrid model, or as an in-person VBS program. Compassion Camp is where kids and their families will explore what it means to have compassion for others, ourselves, and the world. It is geared toward preschool-age children and K-5th graders, and it is incredibly flexible, adaptable, and fun for the entire family (older siblings included) as well as your entire congregation!

Fun Extras

Most of our curricula come with additional add-ons that you can purchase to enhance the experience of learning and experiencing the specific curriculum's theme.

Coloring Posters & Coloring Pages: Whether it's a 4' x 3' coloring poster or an 8.5" x 11" coloring page, we engage the creativity of participants in creating community art.

Stickers: We love stickers! And so many of our curricula have sticker options available for purchase.

Compassion Camp has been an enormous blessing to me during these strange times. I have always shied away from 'canned curriculum' because there is always something missing, or too much, or just leaves me totally dissatisfied. Doing ministry in the midst of a pandemic is a challenge. Finding out that I can trust Illustrated Ministry's work to be authentic, entertaining, and usable with little to no tweaking has been like the balm of Gilead when I've so needed it. Thank you Illustrated Ministry for seeing us, and seeing children, and giving us something to bring joy, kindness, and love to the world.

Catherine LaGroneDirector of Family Ministries
St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Austin, TX

An Illustrated Earth

An Illustrated Earth: Celebrating God's Creation is a low-stress 12-week curriculum that focuses on stories in the Bible that celebrate water, plants, food, animals, and all of God's creation.

An Illustrated Compassion

An Illustrated Compassion: Learning to Love Like God is a low-stress 12-week curriculum that will walk participants through 12 stories that all focus on the theme of compassion.

An Illustrated Invitation

An Illustrated Invitation: Joining God at Work in the World is a low-stress 12-week curriculum focusing on what God is doing in the world, and inviting them to consider how to join in that work.

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