Simple & Flexible Curriculum

Our curriculum is simple to start, while offering the flexibility to take it as far as you want. It was designed for preschool to 5th grade (but adaptable for all ages).

Whether you have a one room Sunday School, or you're looking for intergenerational programming, we've got you covered.

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Our Product Manager, Rebekah Lowe, and our founder, Adam Walker Cleaveland, put on the below webinar to talk about An Illustrated Invitation, and our hopes and desires for our curriculum. Watch now!

Why churches LOVE our curricula:

"...The curriculum is absolutely beautiful. The lessons are extremely user-friendly with very little prep required, yet they are beautifully profound with fantastic illustrations. We turn the coloring pages into little books that the children complete and take home each week…”

"...The theology of Illustrated Ministry is solid, the openness to wonder about the mystery of God is there…”

"The simplicity and ease of use was wonderful, especially for new teachers. I also appreciated the aesthetic integrity and lack of talking down to the children."

"There are some things to tweak, but on balance I like IM so much more than many of the other Sunday school curricula out there. Please keep going!"

"...One of the best things about the curriculum is how adaptable it is…Also, there are lots of practical applications and projects for the kids to do together - good variety of ways to serve others.”


Churches from more than 60 denominations around the world have successfully used our products with their congregations.

“But we don’t have enough kids for a Children’s Church or Sunday School classes.”  

We hear this a lot, and we understand! Even without a team of children’s ministry volunteers, An Illustrated Invitation can help you provide valuable learning and worship experiences.  

Don't forget the coloring posters!

Adding our Illustrated Invitation Coloring Posters is a great way to expand the curriculum and bring in all ages. 

As a stand-alone resource, the coloring posters provide many opportunities for learning and engagement. 

And used together with the curriculum, they further enrich the experience. Check out this post to learn more about how churches use our large coloring posters!

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What’s included in your curriculum package:

Each lesson highlights a particular biblical story and provides opportunities to focus on hearing and reflecting on the story with open-ended questions, creating meaningful art, sharing in an interactive activity based on the story, and providing an opportunity to share God’s love. 

It is divided into three modules, and each module has its own giant coloring poster that goes with it. Below you can see the coloring posters and the stories they focus on in each module.


WEEK ONE: Genesis 12:1-3; 15:1, 5-6: God Invites Abram and Sarai

WEEK TWO: Genesis 21:5-21: God’s Love for Hagar and Ishmael

WEEK THREE: Genesis 28:10-19: The Place God Was In

WEEK FOUR: Numbers 27:1-11: Five Daughters Demand to be Included


WEEK ONE: Luke 2:41-52: God’s Wisdom is with the Child

WEEK TWO: Luke 19:1-10: Jesus Surprises Zacchaeus

WEEK THREE: Matthew 22:34-40: Love God, Love Your Neighbor

WEEK FOUR: Acts 16:13-15: Lydia Extends an Invitation


WEEK ONE: Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 24-25: Everywhere You Go

WEEK TWO: Leviticus 25:8-10: Jubilee

WEEK THREE: Acts 2:1-12; 37-47: The Gift of the Holy Spirit

WEEK FOUR: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26: Remember Me

And did we say that it was a NO-PREP curriculum?

Forget all of those rushed trips to the craft stores or worrying about getting all the supplies ready for your volunteers!

Get even more value by adding our coloring posters to your purchase!

Our Illustrated Invitation Coloring Posters work with the curriculum, but do not rely on the curriculum, and must be purchased separately. They are a wonderful choice to use with mixed-age groups, intergenerational ministry, and more.  


  • ONE (1) large 4′ x 3′ poster that addresses the overall theme of "Invitation."
  • THREE (3) 2′ x 3′ posters, which include symbols and words from the four stories that are part of each module (modules detailed above). 


  • Physical posters are printed on our special 32 lb paper and are only shipped to the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • Digital files are PDF files that you can send to a local printer or print yourself.
  • The bundle is for physical posters + digital files and is a great value if you have multiple uses in mind.